• Image of Trimmings LUCKY SANDALWOOD

What can you make/do with your Trimmings?

Little packets of inspiration. Umbrella Prints fabric pieces about 10 in each packet (25g). A lovingly hand selected mixture of our organic, screenprinted or quilters cotton fabrics in warm earthy colours, grounded, spicy, natural, incense at a festival, bare feet, flowy skirts and the sun shining through your eyelids happy :) sandalwood.

These pieces are off cuts from our production runs, zero waste!
remake . recycle . reduce

A sweet gift to inspire a lover, a friend, a child, an artist, a designer, a maker and you.

Organic hemp/cotton and organic cotton printed fabrics. Beautiful for crafty projects, collage, small patchworks, button-making, artworks; the sky is the limit. You may even find a beautiful piece from our hand printed artwork sessions in the studio.

Sizes vary overall approx 25grams each pack.
The inks used are water based 100% solvent free. Cold wash; hot iron.
The pictures here are examples only. Each pack is delicious and different.

We pack and post ONCE a week which means it can be up to 7 days til we send your order.
We pick and pack your order during this time.
Once posted the service usually takes 3-5 days in Australia.
Overseas postal service varies between 10-28 days depending on where you live.