• Image of Umbrella Prints Tote Bag [Grand Hearts]
  • Image of Umbrella Prints Tote Bag [Grand Hearts]

As fabric designers we are aware that not everyone knows how to sew or has the time or inclination to DIY.... so Umbrella Prints has ventured forth to produce a small range of carefully considered and finished product.

It has been so fulfilling to bring to life these designs from first sketch to resolved object, every considered step of the way.

Beautiful, functional, elegant, organic, printed pattern, designed and made in Australia.

Umbrella Prints' new Tote Bag; it is all in the detail; rounded base edges, pin tucked under the arm for extra comfort, beautifully designed and sewn locally in Australia.

Size: 36.5cm x 41.5 (14.4" x 16.3") [interior] perfect for carrying your stuff.

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